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*Additional Restrictions may apply. You will be contacted by e-mail or telephone if your ad does not qualify due to our publishing restrictions.


Due to security concerns, we will not be able to offer Blind Box Accounts over the internet. However, you may order your Blind Box by calling 501-372-3733. *Please note that all Blind Box Accounts add a $10 surcharge plus 4 lines of additional text to your advertisement.

Call 501-372-3733 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday for more information on any of our advertising or upsell rates.


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Advertisers should check their ads on the first day of publication. Arkansas Democrat Gazette shall not be liable for typographical errors or errors in advertisements except to the extent of the cost of the first day's insertion of the ad, and shall also not be liable for damages due to the failure to publish an ad. Adjustment for errors is limited to the cost of that portion of the ad wherein the error occurred.



The Publisher reserves the right to edit, revise, reclassify, or reject advertising copy. Arkansas Democrat Gazette will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, misleading, or offensive to its readers. The advertiser agrees that the Publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors in advertisement, beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred, whether such is due to negligence or otherwise, and there shall be no liability for non-insertion of any advertisement.

Currently, this web-order entry site provides price quotes and advertisement placement for Private Party individuals who reside in the state of Arkansas ONLY. Employment, Service advertisements do not qualify for private party rates. Any Commercial entity wishing to advertise (including Recruitment and Help Wanted advertisements) should contact the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Commercial Classifieds at 501-378-3434. For Northwest Commercial Recruitment & Help Wanted: 479-571-6412 or 866-296-3666

Statewide advertisements purchased on this site are automatically uploaded to for added exposure to, please call 501-372-3733.


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